We have arrived at that moment in spring when the temperature fluctuates as much as our mood and, if getting a good outfit that guarantees a good effect for the various appointments of the day is already quite a task, imagine being able to reconcile this with the temperature variations throughout the day. of the day!? Impossible? None of that.

This is the ideal time to use and abuse our trench coat. Why? Because it’s chic, composed and warms up just right. The ideal are those traditional models, which cut the annoying wind at the end of the day, but do not heat up too much during the afternoon when the sun is still hot. If it is waterproof, even better, as it protects the look from any adversity and ensures that it arrives well at any appointment.

For a typical European spring day, full of commitments, the winter dress combo (with long sleeves and thick fabric) + the friend of the season + some beautiful flats, promises practicality, style and punctuality.